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1 Experimental Study of Percutaneous Ethanol Injection in the Rabbit Liver : Correlations Between Sonography andPathology
Hye Won Lee, Yup Yoon, Young Tae Ko, Joo Won Lim, Youn Wha Kim, Jae Hoon Lim
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1996;15(1):1-9.
11 The Role of Color Doppler in Differentiation of Liver Masses
Seong Ku Woo, Sung Moon Lee, Hong Kim
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1996;15(1):11-18.
19 Acalculous Cholecystitis : Is There Any Sonographic Finding to Indicate Cholecystectomy?
Hyun Chul Rhim, Hak Soo Lee, Tae Hee Lee, Yong Soo Kim, Byung Hee Koh, On Koo Cho
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1996;15(1):19-25.
27 Sonographic Analysis of the Collapsed Gall Bladder
Sang Suk Han, Jae Young Choi, Seok Jin Choi, Chung Ki Eun, Kyung Jin Nam, Jeong Mi Lee
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1996;15(1):27-33.
35 Differential Diagnosis between Benign and Malignant Bowel Lesions on Ultrasonogram and CT
Chan Hae Suh, Mi Young Kim
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1996;15(1):35-42.
43 Reduction of Pediatric Intussusception : Ultrasonography and US-guided Saline Enema
Eun Suk Lee, Hyun Young Han, Chung Geun Lee, Si Kyung Lee, Dong Woo Kim, Dal Soo Park, Gun Young Jeong, Hong Im Jang
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1996;15(1):43-48.
49 Sonographic Features of Colonic Diverticulitis
Yu Mee Jeong, Young Tae Ko, Joo Won Lim, Dong Ho Lee, Yup Yoon
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1996;15(1):49-55.
57 Sonography in Colonic Diverticulitis
Mi Yun Sohn, Byung Hun Choi, Keum Won Kim, Kwi Ryun Kwon, Myung Ah Lim, Sung Soo Kim, Chang Ho Choi
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1996;15(1):57-62.
63 Sonographic Dimensions of Normal Kidney in Korean Male
Hyeon Kyeong Lee
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1996;15(1):63-69.
71 Diabetic Nephropathy : Evaluation with Doppler Ultrasonography
Jung Suk Sim, Seung Hyup Kim, Heung Sik Kang, Jae Hyung Park, Man Chung Han
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1996;15(1):71-76.
77 Follow-up Sonography after Sonoguided Renal Biopsy
Hyung Soo Kim, Cheol Min Park, In Ho Cha
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1996;15(1):77-81.
83 Ultrasonographic Findings of the Prostatic Disease : Comparative Analysis of the Benign and Malignant Nodules
Yun Gyu Song, Ji Yang Kim, Su Han Lee, Su Jin Kong, Young Soon Sung, Jae Soo Kwon
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1996;15(1):83-90.
91 Ultrasonographic Findings of Mumps Orchitis and Epididymo-Orchitis
Yeon Kwon Ihn, Jae Joon Chung, Myeong Jin Kim, Hyung Sik Yoo, Jong Tae Lee
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1996;15(1):91-96.
97 Prenatal Sonographic Diagnosis of Non-classical Cystic Lymphangioma
Seung Hyup Kim, Sung Gak Hong
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1996;15(1):97-99.
101 Self-expanding Metallic Stents in Porcine Carotid Arteries : Evaluation of the Patency with Doppler Sonography
Dae Chul Suh, Sun Woo Bang, Jun Hyoung Kim, Ki Yong Ko, Hyun Woo Goo, Nam Hyeon Kim, Jae Dong Kim, R.T.Chung Gon Choi, Ho Kyu Lee, Kyu Bo Sung, Ho Yong Song, Yong Ho Auh
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1996;15(1):101-107.
109 Duplex Color Doppler Sonogram of the Orbital Diseases
Kil Woo Lee, Chul Soo Kim, Won Park
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1996;15(1):109-116.
117 Color Doppler Imaging of Ophthalmic Arteries : Age Related Changes in the Normal Subjects
D.S. Ryu, Y.G. Kim, B.K. Kwak, J.B. Lee, I.S. Song, Y.C. Lee2, K.S. Kim, M.S. Park, W.C Hwang, S.K. Ann
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1996;15(1):117-120.
121 Color Doppler Ultrasonographic Measurement of Flow Parameters in Intracranial Arteries of Healthy KoreanNeonates
Eun Jin Rho, Joo Hyuk Lee, Ki Yong Song, Jin Hee Park, Hak Soo Kim, Jeong Geun Yi, Chun Hwan Han
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1996;15(1):121-129.
131 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma of Breast : Correlation between Sonographic Posterior Acoustic Patterns withHistopathology
Hyun Cheol , Yong Woo Lee, Mi Soo Hwang, Kil Ho Cho, Jae Chun Chang, Dong Sug Kim, Young Kyung Bae
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1996;15(1):131-136.
137 Clinical Usefulness of Ultrasonography-Guided Aspiration Cytology for Nonpalpable Breast Lesions
Jeong Mi Park, Jun Hyoung Kim, Yong Baik Choi, Gyungyub Gong
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1996;15(1):137-142.
143 Sonographic Findings of an Epidermoid Cyst of the Breast-Report of Two Cases-
Ik Yang, Soo Young Chung, Hai Jung Park, Yul Lee, Bong Wha Chung
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1996;15(1):143-147.
149 Rupture of Achilles Tendon : Usefulness of Ultrasonography
Nam Hyeon Kim, Won Woo Ki, Soon Tae Kwon, Kwon Ha Yoon, Song Mun Kim, Myeong Jin Shin
J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound. 1996;15(1):149-154.
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